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Turkey Chili

You know you want some!

While most people are sad when Summer leaves us and Fall reappears, my reaction is usually the exact opposite. Why? Because Fall’s reappearance means one thing and one thing only to me: Football (and lots of it!).  With football season comes lazy Saturday and Sunday afternoons spent in front of the television, and there’s no […]

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Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

They taste even better than they look! :-)

A few months ago, my wife said some of the best words I’ve ever heard her say:  “I think I’m going to start baking again.” (For someone with a figure and sweet tooth like mine, sentences like these can really brighten a day!)  She looked into recipes for both savory and sweet dishes, and she […]

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The One That Started It All

View of the New York City Financial District from Pier A Park (Hoboken, NJ)

For my initial blog post, I thought it would be appropriate to do a “behind the scenes” type thing and introduce you to how/when my interest in Photography began. Please sit back and relax…I hope you enjoy this journey back in time. From late 1996 through early 2004, I had owned* an old-school Canon 35mm […]

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