My Home Away From Home

Madison, Wisconsin.

As the title of this post declares, this town is my home away from home. I spent four of the best years of my life wandering around the streets of Madison (mostly en route to and from my classes, but sometimes not for that reason at all) and, to this date, the mere thought of Madison brings a warm feeling to my heart and a smile to my face.

I could go on for pages and pages rehashing all of my favorite Madison-related memories, but that’s not what this post is about. What it is about, however, is my most recent journey to the city so aptly known as “Madtown.”

Back in October, my wife and I (along with some of our friends) made the trek up to Madison for the Ohio State/Wisconsin football game. It had been almost three years since the last time I was there so I was very excited to visit my old stomping grounds and reminisce about some good times with my friends.  The excitement I felt was at an even higher level as this trip to Madison would be the first time I had my camera (Leroi, named in honor of this man) in hand.

Photographer’s note: Those of you who follow me on Facebook may recall that I have been experimenting with HDR photography. The pictures displayed in this post have been shot utilizing HDR and “regular” (i.e., non-HDR) techniques.

Our first stop was the Memorial Union Terrace. For those of you who may not know about the Terrace, let me sum it up this way: it’s quite possibly the best place to be on a warm, sunny day (other than Wrigley Field).

It was early enough in the morning that there weren’t too many people around to get in the way of my picture-taking.  While my wife (patiently) sat on the benches facing Lake Mendota, I ran around the Terrace and its surrounding area with my camera/tripod in tow trying to snap as many pictures as possible given our fairly limited time constraints.

The following photographs are some of my favorites from this first hour of our day:

Next up on our list was Library Mall.  Unfortunately, parts of the Mall were under construction so I decided against taking pictures of large, yellow cranes and opted for a slightly prettier shot instead.

Library Mall

The second-to-last stop on our list was Bascom Hill.  The hike up the Hill was no easy task back in 1996-2000 when I was in school, and my attendance in class was sometimes predicated on whether a trip up the Hill was required. This time around, however, it seemed like it had gotten even steeper since the last time.

My wife had never hiked up the Hill before and the look on her face when I told her that we’d be walking to the top of it said it all: “We’re going to walk up that thing?!?”. A couple minutes later, after some gentle persuasion, we slowly made our way up to the top, stopping along to the way to take some pictures and catch our breath.

Bascom HillBascom HillBascom HallBascom HallBascom HallBascom HallBascom Hill

A stroll down State Street was last on our list of things to do before heading over to the stadium for the big game.  It was early in the afternoon by the time we got to State Street and everyone was already out and about on this beautiful Fall day.  Walking around and soaking up all of the goodness State Street had to offer was really the best way to the spend our pre-football game time!

State StreetState StreetState Capitol Building

All pictures seen in this post are available for purchase; please contact me directly for more information.

Oh, yeah; about that football game…under the lights of Camp Randall Stadium, Wisconsin won 31-18.

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