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Commercial Services

Having worked for several of the nation's largest companies, Niraj possesses the rare combination of (1) a creative, open-minded photographer and (2) a business acumen that can only be obtained from several years of working for The Man.

Niraj has evaluated a wide variety of annual reports and marketing materials throughout the course of his professional career. He has also created as many business presentations as he has sat through (i.e., too many to count). This experience in Corporate America has given Niraj a keen eye when it comes to taking photographs for business-related purposes.


Are you looking for photographs for your company's website or brochure?
Does the project you're working on require photographs of a specific nature?
Are you tired of seeing the same photographs in every presentation?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, please feel free to contact Niraj and he'll be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Stock Photography

Niraj has an extensive collection of images that can be licensed for commercial use. All photographs are of the highest possible quality, and pricing is fair and competitive. Please contact Niraj for additional information.