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Niraj is an avid “Foodie” at heart, and his love for food extends far beyond the dishes themselves. The process of creating and presenting food is a genuine art form, and Niraj likes to consider his culinary photography as an extension of each artist’s work.

For every culinary photo shoot, Niraj finds that using the following recipe yields the best results:


  • Photographer (creative, open-minded and finely dressed, of course)
  • Culinary Masterpiece(s) created by Chef/Culinary Artist


  1. Chef and Photographer have preliminary discussion regarding the details of the project.
  2. On agreed-upon day/time, Chef creates his/her culinary masterpiece(s). While this is going on, Photographer (with camera in hand) arrives on location and begins the setup process.
  3. When both ingredients are ready, combine them until fully incorporated. The final product(s) will capture the beauty of the dish and the love that’s been put into it, and make anyone who sees this culinary creation on display immediately want to taste it.
  4. (Optional) Photographer and Chef will then devour said masterpiece(s) and bask in each other’s greatness.

Whether you’re a Restaurant looking to create or update your website, a Chef writing your own cookbook, or an avid “Foodie” working on your blog, Niraj is the right photographer for the job. Please contact him for more information.