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Newborns, Children & Their Families

Ever since Niraj was young, he has possessed a unique ability to interact with newborns and children of all ages. Most of this ability is a derivative of Niraj being a child at heart, and luckily it has yet to dwindle in its effectiveness.

The recent additions* to Niraj’s inner circle have enhanced his interest in photographing newborns and children. He prefers to capture these precious beings in their most comfortable element: inside the confines of their home. (Niraj finds that parents prefer this too as they are best-equipped at home to deal with any “surprises” which may arise.)

Children of all ages genuinely enjoy Niraj’s company and your little one will too. Please contact him for more information.

Photographers Are Not Just For Newlyweds & Newborns

Not getting married? Don’t have a kid?

SO WHAT?!? The moments of your life are still worthy of being captured artistically!!

Every individual has his/her own personality and sense of being throughout various phases of their life. If you are (or will be) experiencing a moment that’d you’d love to have frozen in time, Niraj’s “eye” may be the one best-suited for you. He possesses an ability to relate to people from all walks of life and an imagination that’s conducive to showcasing an individual for who he/she is as a person.

Sessions with Niraj are photojournalistic in style and, more importantly, are fun for everybody involved. These shoots are custom-designed for each individual to ensure that satisfaction and happiness are maximized for everyone involved.

Please contact Niraj for more information.


*Two of them are on the right: Niraj’s nephew, Ashym (top) and his niece, Asha (bottom).